Dear [Rep/Sen] [First/Lastname]:

This petition requests that you OPPOSE and REPEAL the Common Core Education Standards imposed by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, formerly known as "No Child Left Behind."

Also pass laws that stop every federal and state agency from promoting sexual deviance and trans-genderism to innocent confused children, and make it impossible for future administrations to withhold funding from schools that do not comply with modern LGBT indoctrination demands.

STOP BULLYING Christian kids who resist pro-homosexual indoctrination. Specifically please oppose and resist any legislation or amendment that requires mandatory pro-LGBT lectures to public school children, or promotes sin under the false disguise of bullying prevention.

STOP THREATENING TO CUT FUNDING TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS THAT WON'T PROMOTE TRANSGENDERISM AS NORMAL, or violate privacy and safety of girls by forcing them to endure co-ed locker rooms and bathrooms.

Stop the immoral COMMON CORE STANDARDS, which violate the 1979 National Education Act, which forbids federal curricula from being imposed on local schools. SEX EDUCATION IS THE PARENT'S JOB, not the government's job. Local school boards should decide these matters, not federal bullies who threaten parental rights and every child’s right to not be mentally molested by sexual predators disguised as educators.

Protect America's kids. PLEASE OPPOSE and FILIBUSTER all LGBT child abuse toward innocent children, and stop homo-sexualizing our children with anti-Christian propaganda.


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“Our entire family is military veteran… and my 97 year old mother and I were blessed seeing your show on TV… we are very thankful for Christian brothers like you in this life that have the ‘grit’ to stand up for their beliefs & dedications with Jesus Christ like you have done…

Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt

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